Biden Grants Micron $6.1B for New York, Idaho Semiconductor Plants – Supply Chain Brain

The Biden administration says it will be awarding $6.1 billion in grants to chipmaker Micron Technology to build new semiconductor plants in New York and Idaho.
President Biden announced the deal on April 25. Micron pledged an additional $100 billion for a manufacturing hub in Clay, New York, which they say will eventually house four memory chip production facilities. Boise, Idaho will also get a new plant of its own near Micron’s existing research and development facility. The New York plants are expected to come online sometime between 2028 and 2029, while the Idaho site opening by 2026. 
Biden has led a push to ramp up U.S. semiconductor production dating back to the 2022 passage of the CHIPS Act, pledging billions of dollars for domestic chip manufacturing. By 2030, he hopes to have the U.S. make 20% of the world’s most advanced semiconductors, found in everything from artificial intelligence to military technology.
Most recently, Samsung got $6.5 billion in federal funds on April 15 to build new semiconductor plants in Texas. On April 8, the Biden administration reached an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to bring a third chip factory to Phoenix, Arizona. That was days after South Korea’s SK Hynix announced plans to invest nearly $4 billion in an Indiana chip-packaging facility
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